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Dear Future Business Owner,

Have you been searching for a business that you can start from home with a solid target market, and minimal start-up and operating costs?  There are few businesses that fit that criteria and the lawn greetings industry is one that does!


Search no more and learn how you can start your own Lawn Greetings business!


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Lawn Greetings 101 – Start Your Own Lawn Greetings Business is a clearly written guide providing the best tips and advice on setting-up and operating a successful lawn greetings business.


At 50 pages in length, this easy to read, comprehensive guide takes you step by step through every part of the set-up and operating process of your lawn greetings business.


Your e-book will outline the different types of lawn greetings and how they are important to everyday living.  All kinds of occasions in people’s lives are celebrated with lawn signs and you’ll learn how to market and promote this fact to your target market.


I started my own Lawn Greetings Business in 2012 and I can’t wait to share with you all I learned about making my Lawn Greetings Business a success!


My name is Anthony and I have been a lawn greetings business owner since the summer of 2012.  When I first started my business there were very few resources to help guide me in building my business.  Over the years I have learned a lot about lawn greetings and now want to pass what I have learned on to you.


I learned through trial and error how to make a success of the Lawn Greetings Business.  My hard work is your good fortune.  With this e-book you can get right to work getting your business off the ground efficiently and effectively!


An Indispensable Guide to Managing Your Lawn Greeting Business


This e-book, Lawn Greetings 101 – Start Your Own Lawn Greetings Business covers everything you need to know starting out your lawn greetings business.  You will save yourself a lot of time and money with the information this e-book has to offer.


Here is just an idea of what is included:

  • Defining the different types of lawn greetings
  • – Steps needed to take to establishing your business
  • – Steps needed to take to establishing your business
  • – Where to find and purchase signs and materials
  • – Things to consider when ordering signs from vendors
  • – List and descriptions of other supplies
  • – How to determine pricing and delivery areas
  • – The most affordable way to accept credit cards
  • – What rental policies you need to establish
  • – Tips on transporting and storing your displays
  • – Things to consider when setting up your displays
  • – Necessary items you should always keep during deliveries
  • – How to keep track of orders
  • – A printable order form that you can use for your business
  • – Why you need a website and how you can create your own
  • – What marketing materials you need and where to get them
  • – The 10 best marketing tactics in the lawn greetings industry
  • – A glossary of lawn greeting terms
  • – and so much more!


Are You Ready to Become an Entrepreneur?


You’re only moments away from having the tools you need to move one step closer to entrepreneurship.


Unlike many other businesses, the Lawn Greetings business isn’t new and continues to be popular and visible part of every day life in communities across the country.


This Is A Product That SELLS!


Isn’t it time that you made your move and started building your business today?


Need some extra incentives…


The following bonus’ are included with your purchase and comes at absolutely no extra cost or obligation to you.


Bonus #1:  Lawn Greetings Most Popular Message Board Phrases


The most important and attractive part of your business is your signs, or more importantly what messages are placed on them.  Your clients will always remember you if you give them a sign their friends and family won’t soon forget.  That’s why as my gift to you I’m throwing in a list of the most popular message board sayings for the most popular displays.  This list is huge – over 15 pages covering birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation.

  • Flamingoes
  • Cows
  • Smiley Faces
  • Hearts
  • And many more!





This special report introduces you to:

  • The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • How your business can benefit from using WordPress
  • Reasons why so many people love WordPress
  • The advantages for website owners using WordPress

You’ve likely waited long enough to start your own business.

Now that you’ve found one of the most established but still affordable businesses around, what are you waiting for?


Here’s to Your Success,


Anthony Arno