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Run a successful Lawn Greetings Business




I’m an elementary school teacher who has always known how to supplement my income with a wide variety of side jobs, especially during the summer months.  From selling flags at the local flea market to painting houses, I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit.


Growing up in New York City, the idea of decorating a neighbors lawn for a special occasion was simply unheard of.  However, upon moving to the suburbs,  I discovered the whole idea of lawn greetings.  At the time, my wife had her lawn decorated with cows for her birthday.  That instantly sparked my curiosity.


I have completed almost 1000 lawn greetings with an average price of just over $100 with my lawn greetings business, Yard-Grams.  A lawn greetings business is an excellent way to supplement your income simply because when the phone rings you’re almost guaranteed a booking by a customer looking for a  last minute birthday idea!  The investment cost can easily be covered in just as little as THREE displays.


The purpose of LawnGreetingsBusiness.com is simply to coach and guide interested business owners into the world of lawn greetings.  I’m available to mentor you into building a successful and profitable business, including building an online presence.  It is not uncommon to receive bookings from people literally living in other parts of the world.


Contact me with any of your questions or challenges related to owning and operating a successful Lawn Greetings Business.  Whether you are considering entering the industry from scratch or are experiencing a business slump, I can help you.


Thank you.


Anthony Arno