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Run a successful Lawn Greetings Business

4. Selecting Your Business Name

  Your business name.   What are some of the most important factors that can determine the success or failure of your business when it comes to the branding and recognition of your lawn greetings business?  This episode looks at 8 questions that you should ask yourself before finalizing your business name.   It’s important […]

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3. The Plastic Pink Flamingo History

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    One of the most popular rentals is the plastic pink flamingo, often selected by customers for their high “shock” value.  While the plastic pink flamingo might be the queen of kitsch, it was at one time a status symbol to place on the front lawn and created by a classically trained artist, Donald […]

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2. Why you should NOT consider a Lawn Greetings Business

  We look at the top 3 reasons why you should NOT consider owning and operating your own Lawn Greetings Business.   The Lawn Greetings Business Podcast will provide you with the guidance to manage and operating your own lawn greetings business, including tips on marketing, sales, and interactions with customers. Owning and operating your […]

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  Episode 1 features Lawn Greetings Business being featured on Side Hustle School Podcast with Chris Gillibeau.  Side Hustle School is a daily podcast that features some of the most unusual side businesses, from a woman that sells chicken saddles to a company that sells humorous stickers to leave behind when someone takes up more […]

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    An introduction to The Lawn Greetings Podcast with Anthony Arno, of Yard-Grams.  Listen in to hear how an elementary school teacher first discovered how planting plastic pink flamingos on neighbors lawns could be a possible way to earn money.

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